I. Each team consists of maximum 3 people.
II. Participants may not distance themselves for more than 10 m apart.
III. It is allowed to swim in the form of drafting.
IV. The time is turned off when the last person from the team reaches the shore.
V. Each participant must be at least 18 years old on the day of the attempt. It is possible to allow the participation for a minor together with a current state of health statement.
VI. Each participant takes part in the test at his own risk.
VII. The organizer provides each participant with security equipment in the form of a motorboat (RIB type), qualified medical rescuer, sea helmsman and a judge responsible for drawing up the test report.
VIII. Each participant can take on board up to one accompanying person in a security boat.
IX. The attempt may be considered as passed only if three participants from the team will pass the entire assigned distance with their own strength without help of additional equipment (fins, feet, buoyancy buoys).
X. It is allowed to use swimming foams and neoprene caps on the whole distance of the route.
XI. During the attempt, it is allowed to serve meals on a special boom designed for this purpose. The amount of food is not specified and depends on the participant’s strategy.
XII. During the test, the participant may not touch the side or any other part of safety boat. Breaking this prohibition results in immediate disqualification and interruption of the attempt.
XIII. Before entering water each participant must signal readiness to start by raising his/her hand and waits for a signal from the judge.
XIV. Each participant must get to the opposite shore on their own strength without help of third parties and raise their hand. This sign is a signal to the judge to stop the attempt time.
XV. Each successfully completed attempt will be marked in the so-called Record Table maintained for each EBC route.
XVI. The participant agrees to document the attempt and agrees to make his/her image available in the form of photos and video records on EBC’s website.
XVII. Each participant who successfully reaches the goal within a given time limit will receive the EBC statuette, a T- shirt, a commemorative swimming cup and a diploma with the achieved result together with the graph of the route covered form the GPS record. If the Table of Records is filled with a min of 20 entries, additional prizes are provided for the table leader and later for each route record holder.
XVIII. It is allowed after prior agreement with the organizer to substitute another participant in place of previously assigned one and paid reservation.
XIX. The following time limits are set per trial for each route:
- Gdynia – Hel-8 hours
- Rewa – Jastarnia – 5 hours
- Tolkmicko – Krynica Morska – 3 hours

Dates, entries and fees:
I. The team makes a reservation on the chosen route and indicates the date of the trial via the EBC website.
II. The reservation fee constituting 50% of the participation price should be paid within 7 days from the date of booking. The team is obliged to pay remaining amount not later than 3 days before the date of the planned test.
III. The participant may withdraw from participation in the attempt without giving a reason at the latest three days before the planned date of the attempt. In this case, the organizer will refund 50% of the package price of the route.
IV. In the case of Gdynia – Hel route, the participant has the right to postpone the test for the next day if he/ she considers the weather conditions are unfavourable for him at the scheduled time.
V. The following charges for each route are established:
- Gdynia-Hel 4500 PLN/ 1040 Euro
- Rewa – Jastarnia 3500 PLN / 815 Euro
- Tolkmicko-Krynica Morska 2500 PLN/ 580 Euro
In matters not covered by these regulations, individual arrangements with EBC organizer apply.