1. Each participant must be at least 18 years old on the day of the attempt. It is posiible to allow participation for a minor together with a current state of health statement.
2. Each participant takes part in the test at his own risk.
3. The organizer provides belaying equipment in the form of a speedboat (cutter) along with a qualified crew, a paramedic, judge and a cook.
4. The organizer provides catering for the entire crew of the relay after the establishment of a menu with the participants of the atempt at that time. It is possible to prepare meals for participants on their own on board of the ship.
5. The relay is only possible for the route Kołobrzeg-Borholm.
6. A max of 12 relay participants and 3 accompanying persons is allowed. In the case of a smaller number of participants of the relay, it is allowed to take accompanying persons on board, however the total number of participants and accompanying persons may not exceed 15 people.
7. The participants of the relay competition freely determine the time or distance of particular changes.
8. The attempt may only be passed if the participants have completed the entire distance with their own strength without assistance equipment (flippers, flyswatter, buyoyancy buoys)
9. It is allowed to use swimming foams and neoprene caps on the whole distance of the route.
10. Feeding can only take place on board of the ship.
11. Relay changes are carried out efficiently at zero speed. The new participant first enters the water and only then the previous participant ends his/her shift.
12. The judge of the competition supervises the correctness of making changes.
13. It is allowed after prior agreement with the organizer to substitute another participant of the relay in place of the previously reported ones on the entry form.
14. The first participant before the entry into the water signals the readiness to take off by raising his hand and is waiting for a return signal to take off from the competition judge.
15. The last participant of the relay change to pass the test is obliged to get the opposite shore with his own strength, without any help of third parties and must raise his hand. This sign is a signal to the judge to stop the attempt time.
16. Each sucessfully completed attempt will be marked in the so-called Record tabel maintained for each EBC route.
17. Each member of the relay who sucessfully finishes the route in time will receive the EBC statuette, a T- shirt, a commemorative swimming cup and a diploma with with the achieved result with the graph of the route coverd form the GPS record. If the tabel of records is filled with a min of 20 entires, additional prizes are provided for the table leader and later for each route record holder.
18. The following time limits are set per attempt for each route:
-Kołobrzeg-Borholm 35 hours

Dates, entries and fees:

I. The relay participants make a reservation indicating the date of the attempt via EBC website.
II. The reservation fee constituting 50% of the participation price should be paid within 7 days from the date of booking. The participant is obliged to pay remaining amount not later than 3 days before the date of the planned test.
III. Participants may withdraw from participation in the attempt without giving a reason at least one week before a planned date of the attempt. In this case, the organizer will refund 50%of the package price of the route.
IV. It is allowed to change the date of taking the test up to two Times in case of unfavorable weather conditions after agreeing with the crew of the security ship.

The total participation price in the attempt is:
-Kołobrzeg-Borholm 30 000 PLN/ 6 700 EURO

In matters not covered by these regulations, individual arrangments with EBC organizer apply.