Challenge Puck-Chałupy

Swimming form Individual Team
Distance 7 km 7 km
Water temperature 18-20°C 18-20°C
Tide No No
Current No No
Cost: 1 500 PLN (payment in two installments) 2 500 PLN (payment in two installments)
Due date: Individually Individually

Puck – Chałupy Challenge takes place on a time attempt basis. This is an individual start, where all the facilities are subordinated to the start of one player.

The price includes:

1. Hiring a security boat with fuel for a period of 3 days
2. Providing a helmsman with a liance
3. Professional care of paramedic and EBC judge
4. A place on a security boat for 2 supporters/ accompanying persons
5. Starter and Finisher package and membership fee

Description of the route:

The Puck – Chałupy route is part of the Puck Bay and is shallower, Western zone of the Gulf of Gdańsk. It is one of the most attractive places for water sports, such as windsurfing and sailing. The maximum depth is 55m. The salinity ranges from 7 to 8 per mile. Due to location from the northern side of the Hel Spit, you will face a lower risk of high waves. Swimming across you will enjoy the comfort of warmer water and lower wave. The average transit time is estimated at 2,5-3,5 hours.