Challenge Kołobrzeg-Bornholm

Swimming form Relay up to 12 people
Distance 100 km
Water temperature 13-18 °C
Tide Yes
Current Yes
Cost: up to 2500 zł per person
Due date: Individually (payment in two installments)

Challenge Kołobrzeg – Borholm takes place on a time attempt basis. It is a relay race, where all the facilities are subordinated to the team’s relay race.

The price includes:

1. Hiring a security boat with fuel for a 3 day period
2. Providing the captain, cook and mechanic
3. Professional care of a paramedic and EBC judge
4. Place on cuter for supporting persons
5. Starting pack and Finisher for each participant of the relay
6. Food for the whole crew ( on board cook)

Description of the route:

Borholm – Kołobrzeg is the most demanding route in the whole region of the southern and south – western part of the Baltic Sea. On this route you have to take into account the occurence of cyanobacteria, dead wave or high wave or alternating wind directions. The average time of crossing the route is estimated to be thirty hours.