Challenge Gdynia-Hel

Swimming form Individual Team Double
Distance 18 km 18 km 18 km
Water temperature 17-18 °C 17-18 °C 17-18 °C
Tide No No No
Current: No No No
Cont: 3 000 PLN(payment in two installments) 4 500 PLN (payment in two installments) 5 000 PLN (payment in two installments)
Due date: Individually Individually Individually

Challenge Gdynia - Hel takes place on a time attempt basis. This is an individual start, where all the facilities are subordinated to the start of one player.

The price includes:

1. Hiring a security boat with fuel for a period of 3 days
2. Providing a helmsman with a liance
3. Professional care of paramedic and EBC judge
4. A place on a security boat for 2 supporters/ accompanying persons
5. Starter and Finisher package and membership fee

Description of the route:

Hel – Gdynia route is the route of the Gulf of Gdańsk forming the south eastern part of the Baltic Sea. The average depth is about 50 m and the maximum is 180 m. The salinity ranges from 7 to 8 per mile. During storm waves can exeed 9m. If you are swimming, you must take into account the impact of the wind causing waves, especially from the north – eastern directions. The average time of crossing the route is estimated at 6 – 7 hours.